Watch Hill

I had the opportunity yesterday to take a stroll along the shore at Watch Hill.

Here are some of the sights I enjoyed along the way:

My journey along the Blackstone River Bike Path

I have been working on adding some more content to my site. Note the link to my recent gallery of pictures, taken a few weeks ago, along the Blackstone River Bike path.

For those of you native Rhode Islanders, I started at the old Lonsdale Drive in, and read a sign stating Pratt Dam was located under a mile away, so this was the direction that my journey began. I walked for a short distance, and came across a marsh on my right.

As I continued, I crossed Mendon Rd. behind Anne and Hope. I could now see the river through the trees. When I arrived at the Dam,  I encountered a Blue Heron.

He was such a great model! Note how he blends into the back ground. I tried my best to ensure that you could see him clearly.

I crossed over the bridge and read another sign stating that the Kelly house was a little more than 3 miles north. The light from the sun was dancing through the leaves, sparking my curiosity, so off I went.

When I arrived at my destination, It was very scenic with a bridge where route 116  crosses over the path.

I was able to walk out onto the banks of the river which provided the leaf against the wet stones. Personally I love the contrast. I was also able to capture the  smoke stack of the old Aston Mill too.

It was such a lovely day for me, and I hope you will see that too.