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Lightning strikes again…

Just got an email from a publisher named Patrick Reuman regarding my story, “Shower Time”. It basically said, “I like this story, my editor likes this story, I’ll take it!!”

“Shower Time” will be included in his forthcoming anthology, titled THE EDGE: INFINITE DARKNESS.

Two stories now accepted and en route to publication…bet yer bippy I’m psyched!!!

I’m smiling, see?

Good day today…

Making lots of progress on “Bed & Breakfast” today (and wondering if it may wind up being titled Dead & Breakfast), filling in a lot of backstory to support what I started with last week, and tying it all together into a nice package.

This is going to be long for a short story. I’ve just hit the meat (pun intended) in the second act, and have a long way to go before the climax in the final act.

It won’t be as long as a SK novel:

But, it just might cross the threshold between a short story and a novella. Time will tell. I’m not aiming at word count, I’m telling the story, which is all that matters.

Bed & Breakfast…

Here in New England, a Bed & Breakfast is as much a part of the landscape as are trees and grass. They’re everywhere, especially in the locales that tourists frequent, a “homey” alternative to the cookie cutter hotels and lodges.

Most of these are pleasant, clean homes, run by the family that lives there, and provide a nice place to start a day of exploring and sightseeing. As with anything else, however, every rule has its exceptions…

Marion’s Rest, an old Victorian B&B on the outskirts of Carson’s Mill, has some…quirks that past guests have complained about. Like the foul odors that seem to come and go so quickly. Like those noises in the walls during the night. Like that funny taste in Marion’s bacon and sausage every morning for breakfast. Like Marion’s unsettling stare, especially with her two different color eyes.

What the hell is in those walls, anyway?

This one is off to a good start. Got two scenes going well, and a boat load of ideas for back story, expansion, and character arc. This is going to be a good ride, and I’m going to let the story drive.


One of the perks of writing horror fiction…we all know someone who really gets on our nerves, grinds our gears, right? Well, when you write horror fiction, you can write them into a story and bring them to a horrifyingly satisfying demise.

Well, I do have just the right person in mind for that honor, and have written “Rough Draft”, in which they push the author over the edge, and he pens a short tale where they meet a particularly gruesome death, as he watches from his window. He has to push the story aside and do his work, but then he hears the approaching sirens outside…

The power of the pen, yet another chapter in the Dark Imagination collection.

Good day at the keyboard…

Wound up scrapping “Antisocial Media”, at least for the time being, as I had a reason to bring that main character over to “Bogeyman”, and include him in that story. Spent a lot of time blending that, and slicing and dicing some unnecessary stuff, to make the story leaner, and more focused, and it has come along quite nicely, IMHO.

Sorry, Stu, but you were the perfect fit for a Red Shirt in this tale, and we know what happens to the Red Shirts, now don’t we?

I think “Bogeyman” is very strong, and ready to be shopped around. Need to spend some time reviewing markets, and try to find a good fit for it. That’ll be homework for tonight, I think.

Lots going on in Carson’s Mill these days, it seems…getting to be a very busy location, between “Bogeyman” and “Dinner At Eight”.

Looking ahead, even though it’s just mid-April, if I’m going to have something ready for the holiday season, I should start thinking about that soon. After all, Christmas sneaks up on us, faster than we expect…doesn’t it?

Huge progress today

I had an ‘Aha!’ moment the other day, and immediately jotted down some quick notes, which proved to be a lifesaver.

My new story, “Bogeyman” had some good scenes, but they were scattered. I needed the glue to bond them together, which was what that moment provided.

I spent the better part of six hours at the keyboard today, and have a solid first draft, nearly 7,000 words worth.

The thing now is to set it aside, forget about it as best I can for a while, then come back and read it through, fresh. That’s when the editing begins in earnest.

For now, sleep…and try not to dream about the Bogeyman.

Ah, Sunday morning, and my impatience rears its head yet again.

Reread “Bogeyman”, and immediately spotted things I’d overlooked yesterday, making changes and corrections as I went along. Ultimately read it through three times, and couldn’t find anything else that needed a retouch.

Next, added it to my Dark Imagination Kindle book, shuffled the contents around a bit to try and improve the flow, and recompiled it, finally checking it out in the Kindle Reader app.

Dayam, it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself! I cannot self publish it, as it contains “Ear Wax”, which will be appearing in an anthology this Fall, along with a number of other stories currently out for submission elsewhere, but I like it. A solid collection of 8 short stories overall. And I have to say, the quality does get better as I keep going, so let’s pick another subject…

Oh, wait…”Antisocial Media” is waiting in the wings…let’s go and see how Stu is doing.

You CAN judge a book…

…by its cover, and I’m playing with new design ideas for my collection of shorts.

Tonight’s new design,

Looks a lot better than the original design,

Everyone who has seen the new cover has raved about it, so the deal is done. The new cover is now the cover.


Woke up to an email this morning from a publisher who’s putting out an anthology of horror stories in September…and they want to include my short, “Ear Wax”, in the book!

I am stoked, as this will be my first publication, and hopefully will open some new doors as well.

I’ll post more details once the release has been completed and returned, but what a great start to the day!

(Evening edit, 10 PM)

Just heard from the publisher, who provided me a link to the author’s page on his site…

Proud New Member

Supporting member as of today, looking forward to learning, as well as pushing myself harder to get the work done, and done well.

Once I get published, I can step up to Affiliate member…incentive never hurts!

A very short break indeed…

“Ghost Writer” is complete…I’ve edited this one more than any of the previous ones, and I believe it is as finished as I can get it to be. It reads well, flows properly, and the editing programs I’ve run it through have identified the things I chose to change, as well as those I chose to leave as is.

In fact, I went out on a limb, and submitted it to one of the markets I found in Writer’s Market. Hello Horror…couldn’t ask for a better place to hope for a publishing debut, right?

Well, I suppose I could, but they’ve been gone for along time now, so…

Anyway, time to take a short break, and relax. I have a couple other things cooking on the back burners, but I want to approach them rested and fresh, not still full of the editing choices I made this morning for “Ghost Writer”. Maybe I’ll read for a while…

And then, maybe I’ll start scribbling something new instead…

Jake was unable to get back to sleep, so he decided to take a drive and get some breakfast at the diner near the highway ramps. That was the only option at 3 AM, but the food wasn’t bad.

As he drove through the village center, he saw a tall man walking in front of the dark storefronts.

The man glanced in his direction as he passed under a streetlight, and Jake was so startled, he swerved the Jeep, nearly clipping a parked car.

He made a fast U turn, parking in front of the closed stores, but the man was gone. He grabbed his flashlight and stood next to the Jeep, sweeping the light slowly along the dark, empty doorways, right hand resting lightly on his holstered Glock.

When the walking man looked at him under the streetlight, Jake recognized the face that haunted his childhood nightmares for all those years. The pale skin, narrow eyes, and impossibly wide smile full of razor sharp teeth.

The Steeplechase face.

The Bogeyman’s face.