It’s Alive!

Gehenna & Hinnom publishers have released the inaugural issue of their Hinnom Magazine, now available on Amazon!

My tale, “Bequeath”, is honored to be a part of this launch…in fact, one of my main characters looks quite pleased about it.

To order the paperback edition : Hinnom Paperback

To order the digital edition : Hinnom Digital

Sleep well…

Percolating slowly…

Playing with a new story idea…our main character is experiencing flashbacks, random, vivid snapshots from his past, but can’t figure out why they’re occurring, or what they mean.

The tin foil on the rabbit ears was there, as the test tone and pattern played on the little B&W TV he had in his room some 50 years before, just as clear as can be…

There is a reason for these flashbacks, but he might not like what he eventually discovers….

Sleep well…

Moving Day…

Update – G.A. Miller has moved into his OWN domain, and now resides at G.A. Miller.

To commemorate the occasion, we’ve redesigned the business card:

We’ve also submitted one of the new stories, “Nightmare”, for consideration to another publisher. There are so many out for consideration now that I’ve had to build a spreadsheet to keep track of them. They outgrew the old list I’d been using!

I’m looking forward to my very first release, titled “Bequeath”, coming out in the debut issue of Hinnom Magazine from Gehenna & Hinnom publishers, slated to release on June 30th.

Apologies for the gap since the last post…seems both my hosting and many others experienced numerous outages over the past week or so, but they’ve rerouted the path, and all seems well once again.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there that stop by, and thanks for the visit!

Hang on and enjoy the ride…

Wow. That was a lot of fun! I had a plan for my new story about blues man Midnight James Johnson and his ill fated trip to the crossroads, but once I began the work, it took off in a completely different direction.

I just had to hang on and try to keep up with it, and what a fun ride it was…

As it turns out, I like the story that it wrote better than what I’d originally envisioned, so clearly a win on this one.

Just a little taste from the meeting at the crossroads:

“Then, tell me this, James. Why did you leave your guitar in that old barn back there?”

Midnight’s eyes felt wider than they’d ever been. How’d he know about that?

“You heard about me, and you heard how it works, James. You give me your guitar, I tune it, then I play it, then I give it back to you, and you play it like no man ever played it before.”

“And that cost my soul.” Midnight muttered softly, earning a wide smile from the huge man.

“A bargain, James. Tell me, does your soul feed you? Does it bring you wealth? Does it bring you women? Bah, it does nothing for you. What I can give you will bring you all those things and more.”

“My soul is ME. It’s all I am, and all I’s ever gonna be. No suh, Mistah Scratch…Imma keep my soul.” Midnight spoke defiantly in his rich baritone voice.

That smile faded as the man’s eyes grew wide, somehow brighter than they should be.

“James, I warn you. I don’t take rejection well. I came here to bring you what you wanted, and I expect to go away with what I want.”

Hope you enjoyed the little taste!

In the library stacks…

Well, using Google anyway.

In just a few short months, I’ve done 17 pieces, ranging from a shorty of about 400 words to a three part novella at 20,500 words.

In other words, not slacking off too much.

Now, I’m digging in to do some research on a more ambitious tale that not only spans a century, but foretells what comes down the road. This will lean heavily on the history of music, so I’ll be using what I know, as well as what I learn.

(And what I make up…ah, fiction!)

All musicians are familiar with the legend of Robert Johnson, a blues man of average talent until he disappeared for some time, and returned with an unnatural ability to play. He was said to have met the Devil at the Crossroads, and sold his soul in exchange for his incredible skill.

What if there were another blues man who was offered the same deal, but turned it down. Would the angry Devil have said something he shouldn’t have about the future? And would that blues man have made one copy of a recording to try and warn people without putting himself at risk?


The hardest part…

Good, productive week. Finished the first edit on the new story, “Nightmare”, placed 4 submissions to new markets, and did some strict editing on some of the earliest stories I’d started with.

Hopefully, that’ll get them past the “It’s just not for us” phase that they’ve been stuck in. You learn as you go, and you realize that what seemed important to mention in a first draft really does nothing to move the story along. Slice and dice, trim the fat, make it tight.

And that’s what I did with a couple of the oldies. Let’s see if that makes them more attractive to new eyes.

Still have the vague ideas concerning the discovery of the old blues man, and the song he never released, but not enough to get it down yet. I think I’m going to start with what I have, and see where the story leads me. Worst case, we’ll get a foundation poured to build on.


My wife is going to kill me…

My Muse has arrived, and waits for me to open the laptop and do some writing…

I am inspired to keep the Muse happy…I have a feeling that making it angry would be a very bad idea…

And they’re off…

Nice…not only have the ideas I spoke about yesterday started coming together today, but I had an entirely different idea for a short (Flash) piece based on a recurring nightmare, and how it turns out for the dreamer.

(Hint…not well)

So I put down the first 500 or so words on the nightmare piece, and also expanded my notes for the other one, in preparation to begin writing that one soon.

I also submitted a piece to a new market today, and must speak to the extraordinary irony of that.

The new story I spoke about recently, “Just a little Bloob”, was never meant to go public, as it is very dark humor concerning a couple on the verge of a breakup, and the husband’s noxious farting.

When I saw a call for submissions today, I had no choice. The Devil made me do it.

The name of the publisher is Buckshot Magazine…

(You can’t make this stuff up!)

Bats in the Belfry…

Various, seemingly unconnected ideas swirling madly, like bats in flight during a full moon…

That’s how story ideas begin. Those random thoughts and ideas begin to grow, to take shape, finally coalescing, connecting the dots on their own.

The trick is to capture them, get them down on paper as quickly as you can. The finessing and fine tuning come later, once the capture is complete.

I’m at that early stage right now. A very old blues song by a very old bluesman, a date carved in Roman numerals, odd sounds and random voices inside a set of headphones, all these things spiraling, waiting for the glue to connect them.

It’ll come, when it’s ready to, as they always do. The frustration is the waiting. Much like waiting for answers on submissions, the waiting is the most difficult part, because it’s out of your hands.

Sometimes, they pop all at once, as happened with the newest one, “Just a little Bloob”. That one may or may not ever see the light of day on the printed page, as it’s dark humor at its darkest. We’ll see…