Time for a new look

We've made a lot of changes since the site first went up, and thought it was due time to give the site an overhaul and update it.


Writing fiction has become a huge part of Bob's life now that playing music is no longer an option. The creative process lives on and the Muse is a permanent resident.

Getting Around

We've done some traveling lately, just enjoyed a week in New Hampshire and Montreal, and enjoyed some new shows, such as Jeff Dunham in Cohasset.


We've had a complete bathroom makeover done, and are now looking at overhauling the basement and replacing the huge bay window in the living room next.

For example...

Jeff Dunham

Possibly the funniest show we've ever seen, and we enjoyed this one from the fifth row in the venue!

2018 Summer Vacation

This year we headed north for a week in Lincoln, NH, with a side trip to Montreal, Canada. Great places to see, explore, dine and shop at.

Bathroom Makeover

Long overdue, the bathroom was literally ripped out to the studs and completely redone from floor to ceiling, and it looks great now.

Stephen King

A dream come true for Bob as we saw Stephen King and his son, Owen, on their tour for Sleeping Beauties, the book they wrote together.

Chris Botti in concert

Trumpeter Chris Botti and his band put on a great show at the Melody Tent in Cape Cod, where we made a weekend of attending, dining, and enjoying.

G.A. Miller

G.A. Miller has had a number of tales published in a variety of different publications in the past year and a half, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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