Get The Led Out

April 28, 2023 – Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence, RI

When I saw Led Zeppelin in June of 1977, it was truly the concert of a lifetime for me. Sadly, Anita was too young to have had the experience, as she was only 8 when John Bonham passed and Zep disbanded.

When I saw that GTLO was scheduled to appear in Providence, I scored us tickets in the center of the auditorium, 5th row. It was as close to a Zep concert experience as I could make happen for her.

And we were NOT disappointed…

It takes great musicianship to properly play great songs, and the band brought nothing less to the stage. They switched instruments effortlessly, playing the studio cuts just as we heard them when the albums were originally released. What I appreciated most was that they did not pretend to BE Led Zeppelin, they just wanted to do the music justice and they absolutely succeeded with this performance.

Anita handled the videos and I shot stills to capture the night. Next up, we’ll be on the lookout for a future Jason Bonham visit to RI…

and we’ll be there too!

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