Our Oasis

Some days, it feels like the stresses we encounter can be overwhelming. Those are the perfect days to simply sit and talk in our backyard oasis. It’s a small yard, but between Anita’s landscaping skills and the wide variety of visitors we get every day (birds of all varieties and an occasional bunny passing through), this is a place of peace. We let the tension bleed off as we talk for hours back here, leaving the world elsewhere.

April, 2022

The great spring, 2022 mulching project has been undertaken, with Anita demonstrating her landscaping talents. The Oasis is shaping up nicely for what will be a good, relaxing season of peace!

Looks like Anita’s work is already earning favorable reviews! 2 of the babies from the nest that turtledoves set up in the Spruce tree are sitting in the sun, preening themselves in front of the shed.

Ahem… not to mention the wild baby rabbit trying to avoid detection.

Just a little bit of me!

This entire yard is a credit to Anita’s taste and her hard work, but… I felt it appropriate to add just a small sense of me back there too.


Look closely at all the textures back here

Mother’s Day 2022

Anita had a special visitor when she got home from work on Mother’s Day… her little feathered baby braved the insane gusts of wind to stop by for a meal as Anita shot video and I grabbed a few stills to mark the occasion!

Loves Momma’s sweet nectar!

Isolation Haven

After dodging the bullet for nearly two and a half years, COVID has finally hit. 5 of the 7 folks at Anita’s work tested positive, including Anita. The meds have reduced the symptoms to about what you’d feel with an annoying head cold, but we still need to isolate for 5 days and then she’ll need to test negative to return to work.

So what do you do when the weather is nice and you can’t go anywhere?

Hunting for his next meal

Oasis on the News

We had strong storm cells heading over us on August 2nd, and we sent a quick phone shot into our local NBC affiliate station, who published it, so our Oasis made the news!

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