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We bid you… Velcome!


Forgive me… whenever I greet a visitor, I can’t help thinking of that scene where Bela Lugosi greets Dwight Frye in 1931’s Dracula.

You won’t lose any blood here, nor will you need your wallet. We have nothing for sale, and we don’t collect any visitor information, so there’s no sign in necessary. This site is just for friends, family and those folks we’ve invited to drop by and visit. You’ll find our photography taking center stage here, along with some of our music, our fiction, and our home projects. We’ve been told our home is a very comfortable, welcoming place, and that’s exactly what we want this site to be.

Care for 30 seconds of peace?

Take a few seconds to just breathe…


The Crown Jewel of Anita’s experiences on her journey to the big 5-0 occurred last night, and it was a resounding success! Garth Brooks!

We said Bye-bye to July very recently and found a new lighthouse.

Our recent visit to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

Our night at the Brit Floyd 2022 World Tour

Our new Video Gallery is starting up nicely.

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Anita’s Race Day is now LIVE!!! Click HERE

Anita had a Mother’s Day Visitor

New fiction from G.A. Miller? In May of 2022? Care for a sample?

Our unwanted isolation… (Couldn’t wait to sneak over to Slater Park!)

Work in progress – Minding our business

The Oasis is ready for Summer!

By Day…
And by Night!

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