The Soundtrack…

Music has played a very important part in Bob’s life

And has remained so, at least until age and arthritis took away the ability to play…

The love of original music helped forge lifelong friendships…

That remain strong, despite the advance of time

We’ve remained true to our choice and played the music we wrote, over all those years. For example, Al Costa, our versatile lead singer, wrote a modern day retelling of the old Pinocchio story, this time a digital entity longing to cross the line into real life. We call this one “System 40 N”

System 40 N

Al’s true strength was the Blues… he didn’t just use his voice for those, he sang with his heart

Break Of Dawn

One of the last live things we recorded, just playing for the sheer hell of it, was this Ed Bielecki rocker, featuring Eddie on lead vocals.


Back when we played the circuit in Providence at venues like the Living Room, Last Call Saloon and Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, we typically kicked off our set with this mild, balladry tune…

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

In our later days, we were joined by the late Walter “Tubby” Cesario, who was a brilliant singer/songwriter. A true balladeer, Tubby told stories about life in his unique style, despite fighting the ravages of COPD, which ultimately took him from us. In his honor, I’d like to close this page with his beautiful song, “You Are Life”, which he dedicated to his wife Linda

You Are Life

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