Race Day!

Anita has ALWAYS wanted to drive a muscle car, but never had the opportunity… until today.

We made sure that she would not only get to drive a muscle car, but a Corvette Z06 race car on a race track and cross the finish line, the checkered flag waving proudly, before she crosses the dreaded 5-0 line in September.

There won’t be a checkered flag for that crossing.

The Track

Off to the track we go, and Anita quickly spots the car… a grey Corvette Z06, just waiting to hit the course!

That’s the one. Her grin sealed the deal! OK, let’s get prepped with our pro Gary riding shotgun (and the extra brake on the passenger side).

And she’s off!

She be MOVING!
Back in the pits
Pointers from the Pace car driver

Instead of us trying to describe the experience, why don’t you get into the back seat, buckle up and watch the run as you listen to Gary giving Anita pointers and a boatload of encouragement too!

The Drive!

For The Fans!

If you’d like to make a print to commemorate Anita’s track debut, let us know and we’ll provide the file for you. It’s 8×12 inches in size, so you’ll need a printer that can provide that size. It’s high resolution and we’ve done the color correction, so your printer can just run it as is, no correction necessary.

And she’s ready to go again!!!

And finally, we cap off the day with a relaxing dinner at our neighborhood pub!

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