Welcome To Derry

For any Stephen King fan who visits Bangor, ME, booking a tour with SK Tours is an absolute must! Stu Tinker and his family host the tours, and are recognized as experts in SK lore and the area. Stu’s son Jamie hosted the tour we took, and did not disappoint at all.

The Derrymobile!

We visited the cemetery that Steve used to walk through, where he got ideas for a number of his character names, and was used in the original “Pet Sematary” film, where Steve did a cameo as a preacher.

As we drive through Derry (a.k.a. Bangor), Jamie pointed out areas of interest including the Barrens, the Library, the sewers and the Paul Bunyan statue. We saw the standpipe and if you ever wondered where Steve got the idea for Randall Flagg’s name, well… now you know!

We passed by the radio station that Steve owns, and no tour would be complete without seeing the sewer where Pennywise lives just before we arrive at Steve’s home, with that amazing wrought iron fence!

He doesn’t do many book tours any longer, which is a shame… if you ever had the chance to listen to him speak, he’s hilarious! We got to see him, along with Owen, when they toured their book, “Sleeping Beauties”

And that night gave me something I treasure!

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