Memorial Day

In the past, this has traditionally been called Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer.

This year, however, it’s the Memorial Day Washout.

I know, I get it. Instead of complaining, I should focus on the positives like how much the grass, trees and flowers will benefit from three inches of rain, not to mention what I’d have paid in my water bill to supply three inches of watering to the lawns.

And there’s also the side benefit of all the pollen being washed out of the air, especially at the height of tree pollen season.

I get all that.

Unfortunately, I also get screaming messages from arthritic joints asking if the world is ever going to get dry again. After three days of solid rain, anything that bends in my body hurts like a son of a bitch. The new 2 in 1 Advil’s do help, but it’s probably not a great idea to pop them like a bag of M&M’s on the day after Halloween.

I could probably take less if I washed them down with Jack Daniels, but… let’s not go there.

No, Dr. Cohen, if you see this, I’m only speaking hypothetically.

As we age and our bodies betray us, we also reserve the right to bitch and moan about it, a pastime I partake in with some degree of pleasure. That’s what this is all about, despite those rumors concerning the hokey pokey.

If it’s possible to complain with gratitude, this is what I’m doing. Were it not for the sacrifice so many have made, I might not have the freedom to do so. I might not even be here to do so.

The weather has no bearing on the true reason for Memorial Day, and this is something we should all remain clear on.

With that off my chest, I understand that June has been declared Pride month, so I shall unfurl my banner and prepare it for prominent display for the month of June.

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