When you want it done right…

As I was rearranging the gear in my camera bag, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to put together an inventory of all our bodies and lenses, along with their serial numbers, for just in case.

Expanding on that, I decided to look through the app store for something in the way of a database or collection app that would offer pages with a photo and detailed info about each item. That would be exactly what I was looking to use.

But… lots of apps, to be sure, but most geared toward presenting items for sale and adding pricing and point of sale, shipping, and other aspects that I have no use for.

So… if you want something done right, do it yourself.

I cobbled an app together which gives me exactly the form and function I wanted and it now resides happily on my phone.

The App

Now that it’s up and running exactly as planned, I can play with it and decide if there’s anything else I need or want to add to it, but the core purpose is perfect as is. Each body and lens has a page with a good photo, a description and the serial number of the item. If anything bad were to happen, I can provide the app link from my Dropbox and put the inventory detail in the necessary hands.

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