Amazing artist!

It’s been a busy time since I returned to the workplace in a full time job, but I did manage to find some interesting things here and there.

I’d seen posts of Frederick Cooper’s artwork here and there, but came across an ad for a book he’d published of his sketches. Intrigued, I visited his site ( and had a look.

I found that you could order a signed copy, and placed my order for one, which arrived just the other day. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he not only signed the book, but added 3 x 5 prints of Boris and the Bride, and signed those too!

His work is so good, the finished images look like stills from the films, rather than having been rendered by hand. We’re planning to get frames for the 2 signed prints and add them to the dungeon.

In other news, I’ve reached the halfway point in “Fairy Tales”, the new Stephen King book that was just released, and… I’m slowing down.

I’ll confess, I’m not a fan of the fantasy side of King’s body of work. I prefer the tales set in relatable locations, places you feel like you’ve been. When he ventures into the fantasy worlds, my interest wanes quickly. The first part of this book is classic King, where he fleshes out the characters so well that the reader becomes vested in them. I flew through that part, as is my usual habit of inhaling new King works. Now, we’ve entered the part that defines the book’s title, and my consumption speed has slowed to that of a 1972 Pinto station wagon. You know, the one where every Sunday, you take the family out for a push.

I’ll finish it… eventually, I suppose. I’d like to see the conclusion, which (I hope) will take place back in our world. I’ve never been tempted to skip ahead to the end of a King book yet, but… well, there are first times for everything, no?

Time, as they say, will tell.

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