Ah, October!

I find October very amusing, as I watch the world embracing horror and monsters so enthusiastically… and then on November first, they all pack it away as they prepare for the next bandwagon to jump on.

For those like me, for whom Halloween is a lifestyle and not just a day, it’s funny to watch. For me, Halloween is every day, minus the children going door to door seeking candy.

I now have the entire collection of Universal’s classic monsters on Blu Ray, and the quality of the remasters is superb. I enjoy choosing one at random and relaxing as I watch where it all began.

I like some of the new works also… we just enjoyed watching “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” on Netflix, based on Stephen King’s short story in last year’s “If It Bleeds” collection.

The day after watching it, it was a quiet day at work, so I began scribbling a little bit…

When old Eugene Patterson died, his home sat vacant for months before our firm was retained to perform a complete inspection and evaluation to be provided to the attorneys handling the probate arrangements.

I’d decided to begin in the basement and carefully look over the heart of any home, the plumbing and heating systems, and found them to be in perfect condition, clearly well maintained during the years that Patterson was in residence.

The entire building fit that well maintained, yet now vacant category well, everything neatly in order, yet wearing a light coat of dust from the lack of attention. I finally walked along the upstairs hallway, approaching a closed door that must have been old Patterson’s bedroom and the last room on my list for the inspection.

When I opened the door, I was startled by the contrast to the rest of the house. There was no dust to be found in here, the furniture having been polished to a deep luster, giving the mahogany a subtle elegance. The window was slightly open, the curtains rustling gently in the light autumn breeze, and yet there was still a hint of lemon scent in the air, as though the furniture had been very recently polished.

As I turned my head to leave, something caught my eye… a reflection of the late afternoon sunlight in an unexpected place? I walked back in and looked carefully, now seeing the fresh drop of blood on the bed pillow. The drop was still liquid, having not yet been absorbed by the bedding, but how? The place had been completely vacant for months.

As I jotted my observations down on the tablet I’d been using to take and notate photos of the property, I heard a soft click, a stealthy sound I’d easily have missed if I’d been framing a photo. I noticed the closet door was not fully closed, an anomaly in the otherwise pristine room.

Wasn’t that door closed when I first looked around the room upon entering? I‘m not sure, maybe I just missed it as surprised as I was by the pristine look of this room compared to all the others. No problem though, I’ll just walk over and pull it clo…….

Nothing to write home about as it stands, but refreshing to find that I can still manage to string a few words together now and then.

Speaking of new, we’re now just days away from “Halloween Ends”, the final installment in the Blumhouse trilogy that represents the best Michael Myers treatment since John Carpenter’s 1978 original. I’m looking forward to seeing how they wrap this set up, and I’m diligently avoiding any spoilers online about it beforehand. I’d much rather be surprised as I watch the film.

Do sleep well…

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