Missed Opportunity, Chuck!

Anita and I often choose to eat our dinner in front of the TV, watching the evening news. Most nights, when the news is over, we switch to reruns of The Big Bang Theory, as we get a kick out of that show.

It occurred to me today that Chuck Lorre missed a golden opportunity for what could have been a very funny episode!

If you’re familiar with the show, you know that Wil Wheaton was a frequent guest star by virtue of his portrayal of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek : The Next Generation, which ties in well with the geeky/nerdy Sci Fi aspect of the characters, but that’s not the only thing Wil Wheaton did.

He also played young Gordie Lachance in “Stand By Me”, the film based on Stephen King’s novella, “The Body”.

Given that Wil was Sheldon’s nemesis on the show, what if they did an episode where the gang went to harass Wil for some slight he’d committed, and found him being visited by Stephen King? It would have provided some funny moments where Wil’s association with SK would have had the gang very leery about confronting him, for fear he might call upon SK for backup.

The end scene I’d have loved to see? The gang in front of Sheldon’s apartment door, feeding each other with false bravado to confront Wil despite his friendship with SK, and suddenly the out of order elevator doors open just wide enough to allow a red balloon with a string to float out and approach them, the elevator doors slamming closed as they all try to rush into Sheldon’s apartment at the same time.

Hey Chuck, if you happen to come across this post, maybe keep it in mind if you ever arrange a Big Bang reunion special?

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