Sympathy for Boris

I’ve watched the classic Universal monster movies more times than I can count, so the image of Boris Karloff klomping through a graveyard with his massive boots on is well etched in my mind.

One thing you don’t consider as a viewer is how difficult it must have been for him to keep his balance with those things on… until you find yourself in a similar situation, that is.

The Boot

Back in January, I joined up with Weight Watchers and got a Fitbit to wear. No, this wasn’t a useless NY Resolution, this was about dropping weight to better control blood pressure and A1C sugar, and I dropped 34 pounds before seeing my doctor in March, where the labs and his exam showed very positive results in both my targets.

Buoyed by my success, I started walking more, to keep the momentum going, and developed a stabbing pain in my left foot. The podiatrist I saw told me it was plantar fasciitis and treated me with a shot of cortisone and advised rest, ice and some stretching.

All went pretty well, some days a little pain, but many pain free… until this past Monday. I was walking through a parking lot at a big box store and halfway to the car, I felt and heard a snap in my foot.

My first reaction was confusion… it sounded and felt like breaking one of the wound strings on a guitar, but under my foot? WTF?

And that’s when the pain hit, and hit hard. I could barely hobble to the car, where I was grateful it was my left foot, so I could drive.

Back to the podiatrist, who confirmed I’d torn the plantar fascia, the thick ligament that runs from the heel to the base of the toes. So, I start the first session of ultrasound therapy this morning, which will occur twice a week for the next month, at which point I follow up with the doctor and see if it seems to be working.

If not, the next steps are to have an MRI to better assess the damage and go from there. I’m hoping it won’t require surgery!

Getting back to Boris, when my wife got home from work yesterday, I did my best Boris in Bride bit… “Friend?”

Of course, once she poured herself a glass of wine and handed me a cold beer, it became “Drink! GOOD!

And now that I’ll be klomping around in this boot for the next month, I can certainly appreciate why Boris was so happy about his drink!

Drink! GOOD!

April 25, 2022 – Update

My boot is now personalized!

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