I’ve been re-watching Mike Flanagan’s “Midnight Mass” on Netflix (just because it’s so damn good!), and in a scene in the Flynn house, there’s a wall mounted rotary phone in their kitchen!

A lot like the one that was in my childhood kitchen! Holy nostalgia, Batman!

I do find myself smiling as I wait for Bev Keene’s eventual demise… she’s far more of a sanctimonious bitch than even Stephen King’s Mrs. Carmody was in his novella, “The Mist”, and after seeing her poison Joe Collie’s dog, watching her die will be particularly enjoyable. Not quite as enjoyable as waking to a headline that a current war criminal, guilty of numerous atrocities had been assassinated, but close.

When Midnight Mass debuted, I was blown away by Flanagan’s unique spin on the Catholic Church, and agreed with much of what he presented, based on my own experience, but the way he paralleled Catholicism and vampirism really knocked me over. I’d never seen that done before, and he did so with such a deft touch.

If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and set aside time to watch all episodes of “Midnight Mass” on Netflix.

You can thank me later.

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