Will we ever see Spring?

As I write this on April 28th, the air temp outside is 48 degrees, but with the insane wind we constantly have here, the “feel like” temp is 38 degrees.

The end of April.

In New England.

Pawtucket is a Native American word. I believe it translates to, “Yes, it is ALWAYS this damned windy here!”

WTF? At this rate, I’m ready to schedule our first annual August Snowball Fight!

If the weather ever regulates to what I’d consider normal, we’re planning to have some get togethers over the summer in the yard. Anita is going to invite her co-workers over for a cookout, and I’d like to get the guys together for another.

Anita has really outdone herself with her yard work so far, easily on a par with what I’d expect from a professional landscaper, so that’s truly a reflection of her and her hard work.

I tend to stay out of the way and just watch her create the space, but I think there’s one minor addition I’ll be adding before we have anyone over, just a slight touch to add my mark to the place…

And I have just the right spot to put it up!

Update, May 7th 2022

And now, here we are on the day before Mother’s Day in early May. It’s 8:43, and the air temp is again 48, with a “feel like” of 41, courtesy of the wind.

It’s like Deja Vu all over again.

The trend of late is that each week brings us a new 7-day forecast, in which we are allocated ONE decent day, blue skies, bright sun and moderate temps, but the remaining 6 will look like something from Lovecraft’s work… dark, foreboding clouds harboring unspeakable horrors lurking above.

Well, fine… maybe not that ominous, but you get the idea!

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