Rescheduled Reading

Every couple years or so, I tend to re-read “Salem’s Lot” around Halloween. This was the book that first introduced me to Stephen King back in 1976 when it first came out in paperback. and enrolled me into the ranks of his Constant Readers.

How well I remember that day… I’d walked into the lobby newsstand at 345 Park Ave., as I often did, in search of a new book to read during my commute back and forth to work on the subway. As I scanned the covers, the one that caught my eye was completely black… except for one small spot of red.

Upon examining the cover, I saw that there was a face of a young girl embossed into the cover, and that single red spot was a drop of blood on her lip.

That battered old paperback is long gone now… if a book can be read to death, that’s the fate that befell that copy. These days, I enjoy the hardback illustrated edition, which offers extras like the two short stories based on the Lot, as well as the material that Doubleday insisted be revised from the original manuscript. Poor Jimmy Cody! The fate that befell him was far worse than the revision that Doubleday approved.

I wished then, and still do now, that Uncle Steve would decide to write a sequel to Salem’s Lot. He did wonder whatever became of Danny Torrance, which gave us Doctor Sleep, so why not wonder whatever became of Mark Petrie?

With the new film adaptation scheduled to release on September 9th, I’ll need to push my re-read forward to August… just before the film’s debut.

I’m hoping the impending arrival of that film based on the book might inspire him to do just that.

From the meager scraps of info currently available, this looks like it’s going to be far better than Tobe Hooper’s original 1979 miniseries or the later remake with Rob Lowe as Ben Mears. It has the powerhouse combination of James Wan and Gary Dauberman behind it, so my expectations are high.

If it’s as much a success as I hope it will be, might that convince Uncle Steve that a revisit to Salem’s Lot is due and pending?

One can only hope…

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