The Daily Con Job

When you retire, you discover what a train wreck daytime TV truly is. You’re inundated by commercials touting Medicare supplement insurance featuring spokesmen like Joe Namath, George Foreman, Jimmy “JJ” Walker, and now, William Shatner has beamed aboard the gravy train too.

Why them? Because you’ll recognize them.

Because you’re old!

And if that doesn’t make you feel old enough, let’s follow those up with all those commercials for final expense insurance, because you’ve got one foot in the grave already, now don’t ya?

But here’s the con.

All the Medicare supplement insurance commercials implore you to “Check your Zip Code!” for the benefit that adds money back to your Social Security check every month! They don’t, however, mention that the parameter that determines your eligibility for this benefit is your annual income, not your Zip Code. It doesn’t actually add anything back, it simply lowers your payments for Medicare itself. I call that a Con Job.

Final expense insurance – “No medical questions, no exam, and only $9.95 a month!” True, but that $9.95 only purchases you UNITS of a plan, and at that amount, nets you $700 and change when your time comes. I can only imagine what a plan that provides $20-30K payouts must cost per month. Once again, it’s a friggin’ Con Job.

Tell me these crooks aren’t preying on those who are most likely to fall for the false promises without doing any due diligence to check behind the headlines.

If it seems too good to be true… yeah, it is too good to be true!

For anyone reading this, I ask you… if you have relatives who are getting up there in age, especially if their reasoning is becoming impaired, please look out for them and don’t let them fall into these traps!

Don’t even get me started on the yuppie con – “Plant Based Meat!” Dude, meat comes from animals and plants grow in the ground. My idea of plant-based meat is the grazing that cows do before they become prime cuts of sirloin, sizzling on my plate!


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