After endless days of cold temps and winds high enough to ground the ferry for the past 4 days, we finally have Spring weather today!

As the usual group of critters gathered to enjoy the nice weather, I set to work on the grill. Every two years, I gut the grill, scrub out the tank with a wire brush, and then rebuild it with new parts. This makes the grill not only last, but also works like new! This year, I added a set of LED “Stadium Lights” that mount to the handle, so when the late urge for a burger hits, we are ready!

The secret to enjoying great cooking is very simple. First, you must maintain the cooking equipment in good condition so it’s always ready to go and works flawlessly. Second, and even more important, is you have to marinate.

No, not the food… you have to marinate the CHEF!

Chef Marinade

Published by Bob Vincent

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