We’ve dodged the bullet for nearly two and a half years now, but Anita felt so bad the other day that she called out of work, something she almost never does.

As she’d learned her manager just tested positive for COVID, she took tests Wednesday morning, evening, and then again yesterday, all of which came back negative.

Just before she left for work today, she got texts from two other co-workers, one who’d tested positive and the other who was feeling sick and was going to take a test. Based on that, I asked her to take a test again today just before she left. I told her I’d call if it was positive, and just text if it was negative.

And the dreaded pink line came up bright and clear. We went to a state testing site this morning and we both had rapid and PCR test swabs done. I was negative on the rapid, but I think the PCR will likely be positive when the results come back. We’ve been by each other’s side all week, so I doubt it’ll just skip over me.

She reached out to her doctor and was prescribed the meds that are most effective in fighting this thing, and has begun taking them. Her work actually had to close her location as five of the seven people working there all tested positive by today!

At least this variant, while highly transmissible, is not nearly as virulent as the original one was, so rest, isolation and the prescribed meds should get her through this in a few days.

If you’re reading this and you’re not feeling 100%, do yourself a favor and take a test, whether home based or at a facility. You’ll be far better off catching it early, as the meds are only going to be available within five days of the onset of symptoms, according to her doctor.

Oh, and if you’re an old fart on Medicare like me? Medicare provides 8 rapid tests per month for free. Just visit your pharmacy and get yours, so they’re at hand if needed!

Stay safe out there!!!

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