In The Works…

I’m cobbling together a collection of short stories, the best of the ones I wrote between 2016 and 2022, which includes the three I’ve done very recently.

Why? No particular reason. I just thought it would be nice to put them all together between one set of covers and do a limited print run of about 10 copies.

I’ll keep one for my bookshelf and give the remaining 9 to friends as gifts.

It’s a healthy group. The manuscript runs slightly north of 500 pages, containing about 50 or so stories, so there’s a lot to read.

Did I include all of them? Oh, hell no… there are some early ones that are terrible, and those will never see the light of day again. I bet even Stephen King has some early clunkers tucked away somewhere as starters for his fire pit.

I’ve been playing with cover ideas, and I kinda like the latest one…

It’s plain, yet bold in its design, and I think it suits the project well. I’m doing what I believe will be the final tweaks to the manuscript this weekend, and once I’m finished, I’ll upload the cover and manuscript files to the printer and have a proof copy done.

A boy needs a hobby, no?

Sleep well…

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