They say it’s your Birthday…

Here we are, on the eve of another Independence Day in 2022. It’s fair to call it the country’s birthday, as it celebrates our independence from British rule, allowing us to forge our own path as our own country.

I wonder, though… how many more of these will we see?

Yes, we’ve survived our own Civil war, the north against the south, the blue against the gray, but we’re now facing a far deeper divide in the country, one that encompasses the entire population.

It’s the blue vs. the red.

The individuals who’ve been elected to represent us are instead joining a party (or in some cases, a cult) with their own agendas, pushing them hard with absolutely no regard for the choices of, or the collateral damage that affects the public.

Remember the public? You know, the folks you “represent”?

“Social” media is the flashpoint that truly shows us how deep the divide has become. I’ve left all of it behind, having grown tired of the vindictive verbal attacks that fire up with little or no provocation. I’m not talking about political groups, either… I’ve seen it occur in groups dedicated to writing, to photography and so on.

Places you’d think would be safe havens to enjoy common interests and share knowledge and ideas with like minded people.

Until they weren’t.

So, I’ve left those all behind some time ago now, and I don’t watch the news or read the newspapers as often as I used to. There isn’t much in the way of good news to report, or so it seems.

I’ll simply sit in our yard with my wife and watch nature instead… far more peaceful this way, and who knows?

I might just think of a story idea or two.

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