And there goes that

In early June, I took a full-time job in a call center, knowing that my decades of experience in hardware/technology break/fix scenarios would serve me well providing support, and indeed it did.

After a full month of training, I took live calls for issues with scanners and printers and had them fixed within minutes by guiding the callers through simple steps to correct the issues. This was well within my wheelhouse, and exactly the comfort zone I’d been looking for.


What I did NOT anticipate was that they would also expect me to assist callers with issues concerning third party insurance companies, rejected claim payments and such.

If you’ve seen the film version of The Shining, there’s a shot of Nicholson looking down at a large-scale model of the hedge maze in the Overlook Garden. I’m here to tell you that the labyrinth of insurance contract specifications makes that maze look like a long, flat ribbon of 4 lane highway in the plains.

I now know exactly what a deer staring at oncoming headlights feels like.

So, I went in yesterday, shook the manager’s hand and thanked him for the opportunity and handed him my badge. In retirement, seeking something comfortable to supplement my SS and pay down debts, this was not going to serve as a long-term solution. I’m back to looking for something, preferably part time, where I can use all that experience to help people with technology issues.

The good news, however, is that my time at the center for training provided me with two fresh story ideas. One has been started and is a couple thousand words in, and I’ve scribbled down a bunch of crib notes to launch the second with, so there’s that. I’ll come out of this experience a little worse for wear, but not down for the count by any means!

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