Back to the Zone

I have three distinct influences that often arise when I’m writing something new. Stephen King and his ability to make people and places so relatable that you think you’ve met them when you were in that place is certainly one of those influences.

The late, great EC Comics, banned in the fifties is another, when I choose to let a story stray far off from anything slightly resembling normalcy.

And then, there’s Rod Serling’s original Twilight Zone. When the mood strikes, I write as though I’ll be handing my manuscript to Rod for his consideration to possibly develop as an episode.

One such story in that mold is called “Taxi”. It’s about Dave Ericson, a reporter for the Sentinel, on the last day before his retirement. We see the unusual going away gift he’s given by his editor, and his last commute home from the office as a working journalist.

I can picture Rod Serling delivering his introduction to the camera, a busy bullpen behind him with reporters hammering away at their keyboards, copy boys running between them with sheets of paper or manilla envelopes clutched in their hands, telling us that Dave is about to leave the office for the last time and his next stop… well, you know the rest.

This story, along with 14 others, has found a home in a collection titled (very appropriately) Particular Passages 3: West Wing, from Knight Writing Publishers in Parker, CO.

Sam Knight, the Editor and Publisher of Knight Writing Press, is planning to get this collection ready for pre-order by July 31, barring any unforeseen issues.

My fellow authors and I have had a chance to look over a proof copy and to relay any corrections or questions back to Sam, to assist in his effort to let the stories tell themselves in their own voice, which is both admirable and highly appreciated. I’ve enjoyed working with Sam very much on this project.

As soon as I have the pre-order details, I’ll post them here for anyone who might be dealing with cabin fever and want to take a trip down a particular passage. We’ll be sure to save you a ticket.

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